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Upscale Fashion Rental in Puerto Rico : transforming luxury shopping

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 1, 2016 6:03:51 PM / by Jennifer Serrano

Jennifer Serrano


From high-end shopping malls to top high fashion designer boutiques, Puerto Rico has emerged as a retail paradise for many trendsetter consumers and shopaholics. With the largest upscale mall in the Caribbean, the Mall of San Juan (with brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom), Puerto Rico is no stranger to luxury shopping.

The economic uncertainty- and decade long recession - that Puerto Rico is currently going through has resulted in a shift on the way consumers behave. The market has shifted from owning to sharing and trading to get access to services and other coveted goods. These behaviors have driven companies such as: Netflix, Uber and the popular home rental service website, Airbnb.  

However, there is a rental service trend that have seen an enormous success in multiple cities around the US – and that Puerto Rican fashionistas haven’t fully explored yet: fashion rental services. Can you imagine renting your favorite MK purse or those Jimmy Choos you’ve been craving– without having to commit with an investment or closet space?

Fashion rental services allow you to rotate your wardrobe and refresh your style by getting access to the brands you love – without the hassle of wasting your precious time on crowded malls or buying a designer dress you’ll probably only use once. You can rent and return your garments, wear them as long as you want or buy those you can’t truly let go at a discounted price. It’s like Netflix for your wardrobe!

Consumers today, particularly Millenials, are more conscious when it comes to luxury shopping. It’s not that Millenial fashionistas aren’t into trends, it’s all the opposite! However, creating unique outfits that are trendy and that can be integrated seamlessly with what you already own can be a real challenge. 

 While renting formalwear has been around for years, this new type of fashion rental and consulting services allow you to revamp your wardrobe to simplify your daily fashion routine for work and play. You can even try a particular trend without the need to own something that will become a fad. Owning the staples, while renting unique statement garments and accessories can truly provide a personalized experience to busy women on the go that do not want to sacrifice style and love to stay current with the latest trends.

Tired of over-spending on designer garments for special events and wasting time every morning browsing through a wardrobe full of clothes, Runway Gurus founder decided to test the idea and is currently working with a pilot project. By providing upscale fashion rental in Puerto Rico, the company strives to add value to trendsetters throughout the Island. Fashion consulting service experts can help you identify those basic staples you need to create the outfit of your dreams. For more information, feel free to Contact us here.


Jennifer Serrano

Written by Jennifer Serrano

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