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Have you ever felt stressed out just by staring at your wardrobe while trying to find the perfect outfit for a cocktail party? Or, worse, how many hours have you spent wandering around multiple boutiques in order to buy a formal dress that you won’t ever use again? At Runway Gurus, we understand that achieving the perfect look can be very time-consuming and spending thousands of dollars on a designer dress you’ll only use once can be a waste of valuable space on your wardrobe.

Our secret ingredient has been our passionate and knowledgeable fashion experts and the technology resources available to hand-pick clothing and accessories that fit our customers’ lifestyle and preferences. We are more than happy to help you tackle your most challenging fashion concerns, Contact us or visit our blog to get additional glam inspiration!

Jennifer Serrano

Fashion Expert & CEO

Runway Gurus was founded in 2015 by marketer and fashion enthusiast, Jennifer Serrano. After providing branding and consulting services to local fashion designers and entrepreneurs, she decided to join forces with industry experts to deliver high quality fashion rental and consulting services in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her inspiration? Helping Puerto Rican women to look and feel their best by providing easy access to exclusive designer outfits and consulting.