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Benefits of fashion rental services in a cluttered world

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 24, 2016 8:43:27 AM / by Jennifer Serrano

Jennifer Serrano


Most of us dream of having an endless wardrobe, full of designer dresses and unlimited storage space to keep all of your unique items to make you stand out from the crowd (thank you, Carrie Bradshaw!). This process is not only time consuming, but it can become a never-ending battle with your closet – which is so full that you can literally get lost in it.

There are some wardrobe essentials you’ll always keep in your closet - the little black dress, for example. And though having those wardrobe essentials can be a time saver and practical, you’re not interested in wearing a uniform to go to the office every day (am I right?). Creating the perfect outfit for your work and play needs can be a real challenge, however, there’s a new way to have the best of both worlds (tons of outfits and closet space): fashion rental services. One of the advantages of renting fashion online is that you get access to an unlimited rotating wardrobe without cluttering – even more – your closet. If you choose a premium fashion rental service you can even get personalized one-on-one style assessment and expert advice with a fashion consultant. Not sure if fashion rental services are right for you? Here are four benefits of subscribing to a monthly fashion rental service and tame your closet like a diva:

You will always have something new to wear

Isn’t that amazing? Although it is important to own a few classic items to combine and save you time from your daily fashion routine, your wardrobe should be a reflection of your style and personality. And it doesn’t just apply to your clothing - accessories are essential to transform your outfits. Having the ability to rent new accessories and designer clothing on a monthly basis will definitely make a difference. And having the opportunity to buy those items you can’t simply let go is an amazing opportunity to diversify your wardrobe and jewelry box. If you enjoy changing your look frequently, fashion rental services are definitely a plus.

You won’t have a cluttered wardrobe

When you rent out clothing, you can easily gain control over your closet space. By doing so you can make sure that your closet contains essential items you can then combine and create new looks frequently. You’ll basically can wear something new every week without piling up items you probably won’t be using again. Fashion consultant experts usually recommend that if you have not worn something within a year, it should be thrown out! Unless it’s a very unique piece which you would love to retain for your personal collection, there is no reason you should be buying clothing you’ll wear just once. Fashion rental services allow you to tame your own wardrobe and understand which items you should be keeping or not.

Fashion rental services providers are accountable for keeping the items in a good state

If you are concerned about the quality of the items you’re renting or having to spend time on the dry cleaners, don’t be! Most fashion rental services providers include dry cleaning services and insurance on the monthly subscription fee. You usually have to pack and return your clothing at your earliest convenience. Once the provider receives the item, they’ll make sure to maintain or discard items are no longer looking good (like you!).

When evaluating fashion rental services, keep in mind that you should own the core of your closet by having essential items you can always rely on and complement with unique pieces. It’s entirely up to you which clothing/accessories pieces you need to own and which can be rented out. In the end, you will want to stand out from the crowd with unique pieces that reflect your personality without having to rely on classic shopping.



Jennifer Serrano

Written by Jennifer Serrano

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